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"Scott's desire to do a quality job, meticulous preparation, and cleanup make him a great choice for anyone in need of a painting contractor."

-Ms. Hubbard

"The level of skill and precision, as well as punctuality, make it a real pleasure to work with Massey Applications."

-Mr. Hahn


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Pressure washing - homes, driveways, decks, buildings

Drywall repairs and finishing - repair of damaged drywall, taping and finishing of joints of previously hung drywall

Texturing - splatter, sand, orange peel, knockdown, double-knock down, crowsfoot, tear-drop

Acoustic ("popcorn") texture removal - time-consuming and messy, but, we know how to do it correctly

Painting and wood finishing - latex, alkyds, stains, polyurethane, lacquer, epoxy

Faux finishes - marblizing, smooshing, ragging, rag-rolling, pickling, antiquing, distressing, sponging, dragging, color washing, stenciling, spattering, multi-spec

Wallcovering removal - for new wallcoverings or restoring to painted surfaces

Rotted wood replacement - fascia, soffit, siding, and trim boards

Attic vent screen replacement - there is no better time for this than prior to exterior painting!

* Senior citizens receive a 10% discount on residential work.

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